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Lots of people consider the horse races as simple entertainment. They're going towards the races or OTB parlor making some bets and try to get lucky. The races are entertaining and also the colorful people you meet at the horse races are often well worth the price of admission. Did you ever think of what's happening in the track? When you place a bet, it's a pari-mutuel wager, meaning you're betting against the other players.

Can you sit down at a poker table without wondering who the other players were? If so, you have to be a rank amateur because in any game, to be able to have the best chance of winning, you need to know your attacker much better than he or she knows you. Obviously, you can't understand all the people in the race track, but you might have an idea of in which the cash is coming from and who you're playing against.

Look around you in the races and ask yourself how many individuals are connected in some manner using the horses and the people who are directly active in the races. The owners might not have inside information about every horse within the race, but many of them do have more details than you've about at least one horse within the race.

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At just about any race track a lot of the money that's wagered on just about any race is inside money. Think of all the people who've use of information that's not in the racing forms or programs. Have you visit the workouts during the last four weeks watching the horses work in the morning? You can bet that some of the people you're betting against did.

Do you know which jockey has personal problems and it is therefore distracted and not prone to ride his or her best today? Once again, there are those who have that information. Actually, there are as many pieces of data and knowledge affecting the outcome from the race that are not in the past performances or racing programs as there are items of info which are in the program.

That means that you're in a distinct disadvantage unless you learn to watch the money and consider what it really means and just how it's spread around. The timing of bets is critical and so are the particular amounts in each pool, specifically how those funds is disbursed. For example, what is the higher number of profit the show pool on a certain horse than there is within the win pool?

What am i saying? Where did the money originate from? The best way to handle these horse racing mysteries is to watch the races and also the pools not less than per month and keep notes. Watch the betting action and then see what goes on within the races. After a while you'll determine what it means and also the mysteries will be solved. That means you will finally understand what's really happening and who's behind it.